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lets us create it and make it your design and not everyone else to buy.  Your tattoo will be only yours and as unique as you are. We want to help you make sure the tattoo you decide on is the right one, and the artist. Not every artist is the same and when it comes to art on your body lets make sure its the right artist for you. We are here to help and want you to be 100 percent happy with the your human design. We work with the tattoo artist and tattoo inkers cause not every person who can trace lines is a artist. We have worked with and studied the Ink masters for over 20 years now its time for us to redefine the tattoo design for you.

The Artist

cari mulvihill local artist and designer tattoo ideas

The Human Design

We work with local talented ink masters to make sure you get the quality tattoo you deserve . We don't want you to walk into a tattoo shop come out with Marvin the martin on your leg for 100 dollars . Its your body , your design let us help get the best and most affordable ink. We will guarantee it and we create it just for you. WE WILL EVEN BE THERE FOR  U when your getting the tattoo.

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